Welcome to SMMS

The mission of South Milwaukee Middle School is to empower learners to grow academically, socially and emotionally by developing and supporting independent thinkers and problem solvers who strive for excellence in the classroom and community. Our staff is dedicated to creating learning environments that promote growth, challenge, and success.  Our curriculum provides students the opportunity to be challenged in an environment that supports their growth. South Milwaukee Middle School is extremely proud of our students and staff and we look forward to further developing partnerships with our community.

Jim Hendrickson

Nick Anton
Associate Principal

Colleen Bartlein
Administrative Secretary

Debbie Todey
Attendance Secretary

Meghan Sothan
Receptionist/Guidance Secretary



Our first priority is always to be sure the students and staff are safe and all internal safety protocols are in place. Our students continue to be our best asset when it comes to student safety. If students are not comfortable sharing information with a staff member, they can utilize the StopIt App to share safety concerns anonymously. Our school code is “msrockets”.

Rawson After School Middle school students are not allowed on Rawson property prior to 4:00 pm on normal school days. This includes the playground, basketball courts and parking lot. The only exception will be for families who have filled out the necessary paperwork to allow their middle school student to pick up a sibling after school. You may fill out the appropriate paperwork by CLICKING HERE. Students who pick up their siblings must have their middle school ID available.

Parent Involvement

Parents today are more involved in the education of their children. South Milwaukee Middle School supports this idea by working with parents through our Parent Advisory Council and in a volunteer capacity. Your efforts and your time are valuable and appreciated. Please take a moment to fill out a quick survey so we can best meet your desire to become involved. Click Here to access the survey.